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thoughts on brunch

I'm a firm believer that there is nothing better than food and friends. So whenever I can spend much of my day eating food with my friends, I'm a happy girl. So naturally, a good brunch is right up my alley. Brunch can get a bad rap from people who adhere to a strict 3-meal-a-day regimen, but I love the unhurried pace of a nice meal with friends. It's the perfect way to while away a Sunday, munching on carbs and fruit and drinking lemonade.

I'm not a high-maintenance bruncher. If there's bread and a good cup of coffee in the middle of my day, I'm good. I've never been a fan of the sprawling buffets and bottomless mimosas, mostly because nobody can ever actually eat that much food. And personally, I don't believe mashed potatoes and chicken tenders are appropriate brunch food. It should look suspiciously like breakfast but bigger. To me, the best brunch is hosted at home where there isn't a waiter dropping off the check, "whenever you're ready (read: now)," but where friends can spend a few hours talking and eating and enjoying time with one another.

Now, in my time as a young adult and as a traveler, I've seen my fair share of brunch. But I can tell you this: nobody does brunch like my friend, Abby. She's the hostess with the mostest! I have yet to leave her house disappointed in a meal (but if you're taking the time to feed me, I'm probably going to adore you) because she loads the table with fruit, breakfast potatoes, quiche and the best homemade croissants I've ever tasted. This woman has talent and isn't afraid to cook with butter. Anyone who loves butter knows this is the best kind of cook. I've added photos of her brunches for your perusal. As you can see, I've even had working brunches at her apartment and even they were a blast!

It's clear that Abby does the food part very well, but what she really nails is how special she makes everyone feel. Whoever walks through her door will leave knowing someone cares about them, will give them the shirt off their back and always lend an ear if they need to talk. I always leave knowing that I'm loved and valued. And I know other people do too. This woman has class, sass and a whole apartment full of Southern hospitality. I've had brunch around the world but I've never left a brunch feeling a good as I do when I leave Abby's apartment.

So this is the challenge for all of you beautiful hearts out there: get a group of friends together (they don't all have to know each other) and go get some food. Or host it yourself. And take some time to really relax and get to know one another. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. Food brings friends together. And who knows? You might just start a new tradition.

This is the good stuff, folks. Find yourself a brunch bunch that will sit talking for way too long, drink to much diet Snapple and not mind if you all have to bring laptops to get your work done. And never let them go.

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