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girl eats copenhagen

So it's no secret that one of the best parts of travel is the FOOD! I love a good plate of anything made of potatoes, bread or cheese. But seeing as Copenhagen was so vastly different from Prague, I decided to forego my usual forays into heavy local cuisine and focus on some emerging health food trends in Copenhagen for the majority of the weekend. And honestly, that was the best thing I could have done for my body and my soul. This food was the good stuff and it gave me the energy I needed for two packed days of touring. Here are the three best places I went so you can feel your best while taking in the sights and sounds of Copenhagen.

Riz Raz

So this place, tucked in a neighborhood across the canal from Christianshavn (more on this tomorrow), offers an exclusively vegetarian buffet for lunch and dinner. I'd suggest going here for a lunch at some point, as it's so centrally located to many important places. It's warm, friendly and ususally not busy. This is not your run of the mill buffet. Everything on the table was elevated with fresh ingredients, bold spices and a wide variety of textures. I can't remember everything I put on my plate, but I loved their quinoa salads. Hit up Riz Raz if you're super hungry and have a long day left to go. I also noticed that this was a super family-friendly establishment, so it would be ideal if you're traveling with family members and still want your kids (or significant other) to eat their greens.

The Bowl Market

This was my Sunday morning breakfast. Be warned: it's kind of a hike to get over to the restaurant, especially if you're staying outside the center, as I was, but it was totally worth it. The employees were so kind and the menu offered a wide variety of customizable hot or cold options. Also: this place had the best coffee I had on the entire trip. It was earthy and nutty and complimented my sweet açai bowl perfectly. I'd had açai bowls before, but none quite measure up to the WTF Bowl (stands for "What the Fruit", I promise), which came loaded with coconut, bananas, berries and granola but never seemed too sugary to eat, as many tend to be. I also learned that the owner was an American who took the leap and started a business there. The place is a warm reprieve from the morning chill and the staff clearly enjoy their jobs. Each bowl is made with love and you're going to be served with a smile and positive conversation. Even if you're staying at the opposite end of the city, as I was, make the trip.

Cafe Feel Good

This modern, cozy cafe lives up to its name. I was over at the National Art Museum and didn't feel like braving the crowds at the museum cafeteria, so I pulled out my trusty Yelp! app and Cafe Feel Good was one of the first places to pop up. I was immediately enamored with the decor that looked straight out of instagram. They have a huge menu of healthy options and all of it is vegetarian and gluten-free, for those of you traveling with dietary restrictions. I ordered the golden latte and a Moroccan summer bowl. The golden latte is a warming turmeric concoction that is spicier and less-sugary than its cousin, the chai latte. I'd 150% recommend this as an uncaffeinated beverage to stave off the damp cold that's so common in Copenhagen. The Moroccan Summer Bowl was easily one of the best salads I've had in my life. Just look at it-- so pretty! I need to make a point of adding quinoa to my salads at home more often. If you're over by Rosenborg, the Botanical Gardens or the National Art Museum, stop by Cafe Feel Good to refuel. Your body will thank you.

As a rule, I try to seek out healthy options while traveling to feel my best. While this has led me to some really great places in the past, I was completely blown away by my options here. And I'm sure I only reached the very tip of the iceberg in Copenhagen. If you have healthy haunts that you love to frequent in your city, send me a message! I'm always looking for a new place to sink my teeth into!

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