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prague in 72 hours: day two

Welcome back for day two, my wonderful travelers! Today's itinerary takes you to some amazing places outside the city center that are sure to blow your mind. Be adventurous and ask someone how to use the metro and tram systems and enjoy moving about the city as the locals do for some really beautiful walks off the beaten path. Your must-sees for day two are going to give you the perfect mix of tourist attraction, historic site, and culture. And remember: I will never suggest you do something touristy unless it's 150% worth it, so please trust me and fall in love with Prague as I have!

Cafe Calma

This cafe, located in the Hradčany neighborhood is out of the way, but it's a local coffehouse that will knock your socks off. I would recommend the cafe au lait and the quiche for a breakfast that will keep you going all day. Everything on their menu is awesome, so you really can't go wrong. There's also a really nice little patio if you want to start your day al fresco, while overlooking a small square.

Prague Castle

This is an absolute must see, but much like the old town, it's important to check the hours and get to the castle right when it opens to avoid most of the crowds. If you're not going with a group, please get the audio guide from the visitors center so you don't miss out on cool information. Also opt for the pass that gives you the most access, because if you're visiting the castle, you should definitely do it right. Plan to spend a few hours here and enjoy the walk down the stairs to the lesser town to see the castle gardens with peacocks. Bonus points if you get to see the albino one that looks like a snowflake.

Your Turn!

Pick Any restaurant in the lesser town, or Malá Strana neighborhood, for lunch. Pick one with a Kozel beer sign outside and it will be good. If there are dumplings, pork, or anything with potatoes, you'll be happy.

Strahov Monastery

This is one not a lot of large tours will take you to, but it's definitely on my do-not-miss list. It boasts one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and I had a total Beauty and the Beast moment there. If you're into photography, pay for the photo pass so you don't get in trouble. I chose not to take photos and wish I had forked over the $4 for a photo pass. This museum also boasts a collection of "curios," or really weird stuffed animals and bones from 150 years ago. A little odd, but definitely will make you laugh.

Casa Di Carli

So I'll be the first to admit that this isn't necessarily the most traditional restaurant in town, but it's some of the best food I've ever had. Every time my family comes to visit, we have to go (sometimes twice in one trip). They have curated a menu of amazing dishes and their customer service is personal. I would recommend ordering an of their vegetarain pasta dishes, fish, and I've heard good things about the rabbit! Overall, a beautiful place to dine.

Prague Philharmonic at the Rudolfinum

Try to plan your trip when there is a concert at the Rudolfinum. Dvorak played here and it is always a treat to see professional musicians up close. Go to your show a little earlMXLLS​​y and explore a little. Also: if you don't have any mobility issues, try to get seats in the organ loft. Then you sit behind the orchestra and get closer than the average seat-- and it's really fun to see the director's facial expressions throughout the show. You can either book your tickets online or you can pick them up in their offices on Jana Palacha Namestí.

Day two will leave you feeling very accomplished, tired and thirsty for more. Be sure to check back tomorrow for an itinerary that will help you relax and enjoy the best green spaces Prague has to offer.

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