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getting spooky with it

Y'all, I love fall. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. Like any 20-something blonde, I love that crunchy leaf, crisp air, apple pie kind of fall. That being said I'm not big on the spooky side of Halloween, but Czechs aren't either, so it's all good. That being said, in honor of all my halloween-loving friends, I've compiled a list of ways to celebrate all things spooky in Prague without putting on a costume (one experience of green body paint is one too many, amirite?).

Olšany Cemetary

I went to the Olšany cemetery last week, as it was shown in the film, Anthropoid, that I watched with the students. It's also the place where many famous Czechs are buried. This place is massive, so consult the maps at the entrance. I definitely got lost a few times and was thankful that I went during the day. That being said, with the warm October sun and the quiet of being in relatively stoic company, I found my stroll through Olšany to be quite peaceful. I got to see gravesites of movers and shakers like Jan Palach and pay respects to those who died in resistance to the communist regime. It's a powerful place, rich with history and great for an autumn stroll or run.

The Magic Cavern

For those of you who love the bizarre more than the spooky, this place might be for you. I can honestly say that this art installation is completely unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. This incredibly talented artist bought an old mill on the side of Petrín Hill and created a real-life version of the fantasy land that inspired his work. Inside you're transported to another world, complete with ethereal music and cave formations. That being said, I would definitely recommend staying away from the free sangria in the basement. Nobody knows how long it's been there. Be prepared for some truly breathtaking, shocking and bizarre art if you choose to go.

Night Destinations

Your favorite places will almost certainly look completely different at night. For example, last week, I went to Vyšehrad with a new friend after dark and it was nothing shy of magical. I noticed details that I hadn't seen before and all the gold paint in the basilica was more brilliant. I seriously felt like I walked straight into a movie-- and there was almost nobody else there, leaving us free to enjoy the space to our hearts' content. Bonus points: the whole fortress feels very "fall" this time of year and I was experiencing major Hocus Pocus vibes. Seriously, friends. Go to Vysehrad at night. You won't regret it.

For my non-spooky friends, here are a few recommendations so you can still get your October on:

Black Angels Bar for a clandestine drink in the center

A hike up the back side of Petrin Hill toward Kinsky Gardens to admire the colors and dark forest

Whiling away an afternoon with a hot cider and books at the Globe Bookstore*

*bonus points if you meet my friend, Alex who works there. She'll give you some great recommendations!

Catching a concert at the Rudolfinum and then going for an evening stroll through Mala Strana

Hiking at Divoka Sarka

Either way, wishing you a safe and happy Halloween! Catch more content later this week!

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